The Ancient of Days

I AM very much concerned about your condition, your situation today, says the Lord. The Spirit that I had upon David was that of allowing Me to do what I purposed. He would not touch Saul, because he knew that it was my place to reprimand My own in my own time and way. He trusted Me to accomplish this. He trusted Me to be faithful to him. He trusted Me to do exactly as I had told him that I would and even better. Although he had opportunity, he refused to take matters into his own hands. David had been anointed with My Spirit and Power and he aware of that. He knew that he was the king. He went out and slew the lion and the bear, because he had some perception of who I Am and what I do. Get a CLUE from that. Realize who you are serving. Behold, I now pour out My Spirit upon you even greater than I did upon David of old. He praised Me and worshipped Me to the extent that he did because he had faith in Me. Behold, he had a key: "praising and worshipping Me."

You know that all my servants of old did the 'great feats': the 'miraculous and supernatural' things that they did because I came upon them in my 'ALL POWERFUL' ability and enabled them: The Holy Spirit was upon Abraham manifesting as FAITH and caused him to believe God in those unbelievable circumstances; The Holy Spirit was upon Moses and enabled him to be that great apostle and prophet who led my people out of bondage. Because he knew 'in whom He'd believed' and by My power he performed the 'signs and wonders' necessary to change Pharaoh's, mind. Because he knew my character, he was the meekest man.

Yes, it was the Holy Spirit that worked through My chosen ones and caused them to exemplify the 'outstanding character, faith, love, obedience, wisdom, patience and power that they are noted for: Solomon's wisdom was not of this natural world, but it was my special anointing that I gave him. Because his desires were right, godly and unselfish I just gave it unto him. "The Patience of Job, The Patience of Job" every one says, but there is no way that Job could have withstood the test if My Supernatural Ability had not been operating through him. Paul appeared as a 'god' to some because of what he did. You even think of him as the 'greatest' of my apostles because of what he knew, went through successfully and wrote.

Behold, I AM the A and the Z and all the 'in between'. I have been in the process for a long while now of bringing unity in my whole kingdom. Many have said: "that's Old Testament-this is New Testament", but do you not know that my whole work is oneness. Everything that I do is oneness. You of the NEW know that the OLD is your 'school master'. It is your example, ensample, teacher and your 'rehearsal'. The anointed of old are included in the now. They are even watching. Note the scripture: "Seeing we are compassed about with such a cloud of witnesses.." (Heb.12:1) What witnesses except those spoken of in chapter 11 of that same book. I was upon them and I Am in you, a better position to do 'all things' through you. My character, power, virtues and attributes remain the same. I AM the same love that John showed, the same Spirit of excellence, knowledge and 'divine understanding' that Daniel had, and the same strength and POWER as manifested through Samson. I can still cause you to hear my voice better than Elijah and Elisha, because what they had was in measure, you can have without measure. The 'cloud of witnesses' expect you to do better than they did. My Son said that you would, because He was coming to Me. He once said: ". ..a one greater than Solomon is here.." He was the first to come on the scene manifesting all my FULLNESS, but when He came to Me the FULLNESS of My Spirit was poured out and you can have all that you want. You can have Me 'without measure'.

Everything is being stirred up. My anointing is being intensified because of this stirring, It is appearing brighter, more definite and powerful, but it is the same anointing that it has always been. I AM the Ancient of days. I always was, AM now and always will be. The difference is that instead of just having WISDOM, I will have a GOD-FEARING people who walk in LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, COUNSEL, MIGHT, UNDERSTANDING and all that I AM because My Spirit can be operating in, through and upon those who submits to Me. (Isa.11:2)

Expect, in these days to manifest the same type Spirit as those that you have read about and learned from in My word. Yes, even the Spirit of My Son. I told you that I would bring back Elijah. He has been back before and is even now roaming the land. (Mt 17:11). I tell you that not only Elijah, but My Spirit that was upon Daniel, Joseph, Joshua, Isaiah, Ezekiel and many others, will be coming forth in all of its brilliance through the lives of my people now. What a time, what a time! The old and the new working together, reaping the great harvest of the world.

God through Prophetess Lundy

The manifold Manifestations of God's Spirit

What a WONDERFUL BLESSING we have in the Holy Ghost. He is God almighty. He comes in after we're saved and provides 100% Spiritual help for us. He's our teacher, our leader, our guide and so many other things to us as the scripture has said (Joh.14, 15, 16). He helps our infirmities(weaknesses), as Rom. 8 tells us, even to the point of causing us to have physical strength and all kinds of skills. He helps us to pray to the Father effectively, if we let Him. He is the Spirit of Truth, Grace, Glory, Supplication, Adoption and many other attributes of God. When He comes in, He brings nine other supernatural gifts with Him. God manifests out through His yielded vessels via these gifts as He wills. They bring enlightment, deliverance and help to all who receive them. They are glorious in nature and wonderful to experience. Because of their magnificentness and requirements, these gifts have suffered much abuse. The Father is not pleased with this. He wants the body of Christ to straighten up and also to reach for greater heights and deeper depths in Him.

We can have gifts, but without proper dedication and consecration unto the Lord these gifts can be ineffective. Also without sanctification in our lives a lot of other things can enter into and adulterate the message that we are trying to get across to the people.

What we want, what God wants and what the world needs is the manifested power and the revealed word of God. We need the rhema or perfect NOW message of God..

Way back the Lord taught me not to focus on saying that I have this gift or I have that gift. He told me that the main thing to know is that when one has the Holy Ghost in them, they have the creator of the universe in them. God is 'all that' and more. God is omniscient-He knows everything, He is omnipresent- he is everywhere, He is omnipotent, meaning that He is ALL POWERFUL and He is infinite. Oh, there is never any end to him. When we have God, we have all this right within us: "..Christ in us, our hope of Glory.." (Col.1:27). If we need to know something, all knowledge is within us. If we need wisdom, all wisdom is within us. Hey! " A greater than Solomon is here!" (Matt. 12:42). If you need a miracle, the Miracle worker lives down inside. HALLALUJAH! I’m sure you understand where I’m going here. Praise God! We just need to hear from this WONDROUS God within. If we, as God’s people, could get into the habit of tapping into (or consulting), this God that is within us, this Holy Ghost, this Jesus Christ that is within us, we could receive from Him that that He is trying to give us and that that we need.. We could really receive tangible essence of God.. Oh, if we could only practice His presence and learn to hear Him.

God has given many gifts unto His people. He has put them in the church for our maturing, perfecting,, clarification, edification, blessing and so much more; however there is a greater work that God is trying to do in his people who are able to receive. There is a fullness that God is trying to bring us into. A GOD work!! A continual oneness with the Father at all times. He wants to give us the Holy Spirit without measure. Paul said, that we know in part and we prophesy in part, but God is in the process of bringing some people into perfection.. In 1John 4:17, He said that as Christ is, so are we in this world!! Notice that he didn’t say: "when we get to heaven", but in this world. Right down here in this world!! He came as the first born among many brethren(Rom.8:29). If you just want to have a gift in operation or you may have two or three, go ahead, you may reap 60-fold, but not come into all that the Father has for you.

Remember also that the gift of God is without repentance. This does not mean that you don’t have to repent, because if you have the gifts of God, at some point in time you did repent; but then, at some point in time you could have backslidden. God does not go in and take the gifts that he has given to you back.. If he has given it to you, you've got it., but living a corrupted lifestyle and still trying to operate in the gifts puts Him to shame.

Everyone in God should want all that they can receive of Him. They should want His fullness. They should want to go further and further in Him and receive more and more of Him. There is the God-given grace or ability to not only operate in the gift , but to operate in the manifold manifestations or Spirits of God. The book of Revelation tells us that there are 7 Spirits or manifestations of God. We want to go on into the Spirit of knowledge, the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of Counsel! Before or while someone is talking to you, you want to be able to get from the Holy Spirit just what is need for that situation. What we need is the Spirit without measure that was upon Jesus Christ(John 3:34). We want to come into Eph.4:13-"..the measure of the statue of the fullness of Christ". We want God without measure. Without the proper wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God we could find ourselves fighting against the Lord sometimes. Yahweh's Spirit can be in operation all the time. We don't have to wait until He comes upon us for us to be able to move in His Spirit. (His anointed of old had to do that). He has already came upon us if we have been baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus said in Luke 24:49 that we would be endued with (clothed upon) with His Spirit. As we give ourselves to Him and walk in Him, He is near us all the time, even in our mouths. The scripture says that Jesus went around "..doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil" (Acts 10:38). If we can stay in oneness with Him, no matter what is going on we can tap into the Holy Spirit and receive that knowledge, that wisdom, that understanding, that counsel or whatever else is needed from Him at the time.

John told us about the seven Spirits of God(Rev.3:1; Rev.4:5; Rev. 5:6;). Although God has only one spirit this represents His fullness. In scripture, the number 7 represents Spiritual fullness or perfection. This is showing us that
there are seven major manifestations of the Spirit of God. We can find those listed in Isaiah 11:1,2. Jesus Christ is the vine (the stem of the rod of Jesse), and we are the branches. In Rev. 5:6 the scripture tells us that the 'seven Spirits' are the 'seven eyes' of God. They all have to do with 'seeing' or insight.

1. The Spirit of the Lord is the first manifestation. You can look at Isaiah 61:1,2. This is that anointing that we are clothed upon with. That anointing for deliverance, that anointing to preach(be a witness of), the good news, that anointing to give a word in due season that will bind up the brokenhearted, to cast out devils and set to the captives free.

2. The Spirit of Wisdom. That divine wisdom of God that comes from above that is needed in everyone’s life if it is to turn out right. James tells us that if we ask the Lord for it He would give it to all men liberally and not fuss at them for needing it (James 1:5). He will just give us plenty without any questions. It will just flow like a river. That River that the Lord told us about in John 7: 38. He said that if we believe on him as the scripture has said that out of our bellies would flow Rivers of living water. Here again is the Holy Spirit(the River of God), shown as having manifold manifestations called rivers. Make sure that your river is not clogged up. One of these rivers is Wisdom. The Lord showed us through Solomon that if you get wisdom, you get everything else also. Keep the Holy Ghost wisdom flowing.

3. The Spirit of Understanding. Divine understanding. This is what Solomon asked the Lord for. Divine understanding causes us to not look at the surface of a thing but to look at the heart or the very core of it. Christ told us to never judge according to appearances (those things that we see with our natural eyes)(John 7:24), because they are deceptive and they change. He told us to judge righteous judgement. We are to go in to God and inquire of Him about a person or situation and He will show us the Truth of it and then we’ll have the right understanding that never changes. Outward appearances change, but the truth never changes. Example: We may know of some sin a person has been into and try to deal with them from that standpoint, while they could have repented a few seconds before(see, made changes), and God has forgotten all about it. If we judge them according to what we think, feel, hear or see in the natural, we would be judging wrongly. Only by the Holy Spirit can we really know what God is thinking about anything.. "His ways are not our ways and neither are His thoughts our thoughts" (Isa.55:8-9). We all should want the real truth, for when we know the truth the truth will make us free.. When Samuel went to Jesse’s house to anoint a king over Israel, David was the least likely one to be anointed. Everyone found out that day that man is the one who looks on the outside, but God looks on the heart.(1 Sam.16:7)

4. The Spirit of Counsel. This is God’s advice for everyone and everything. He always has the answer to everything. Once I heard someone say that if there’s a real problem, there’s a real answer. God has the real answer. The right answer to all. If He’s in us, the answer is in us. If we stay prayed up and in oneness with Him, the counsel of God will just flow when needed. God will just give us what to say. People will wonder how the answers come forth so quickly and easily in given situations, but the Holy Spirit will be right there giving us the answers. Stay consecrated and humble because it is the Lord’s counsel coming forth, although He is not unrighteous to forget your labour of love which you have showed toward His name,in that you have ministered to the saints and do minister(Heb.6:10). "..your labour is not in vain in the Lord"(1Co.15:58)

5. The Spirit of Might will cause one to do exploits. Supernatural things of God. Great feats! This is the miracle working power of God. Remember Daniel said that they that do know their God will be strong and do exploits!(Dan 11:32).The key here is knowing God. Intimately knowing Him. Then we can outrun many horses and chariots like Elijah did or cause the sun to stand still like Joshua. There are more exploits in the word than we can name, but they were done by ordinary or mere humans under the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord will also give us to do great and mighty things that other people can in no wise do.

6. The Spirit of Knowledge. That knowledge that we have no natural way of knowing can be accessible to us at all times. The knowledge of God is power indeed! Keep in mind that God is omniscient. He knows all things. He is Knowledge. And He will reveal unto us things that we knowest not! (Jer. 33:3). Things that will bring deliverance to others, things that will help us, keep us out of trouble and take us further. He will reveal and manifest unto us. As you draw from Him, He will show us these things. He longs to give us this information, this text, these answers that we need in any given situation and He will do it in such a way that we will know that it is God.

7. The Spirit of The Fear of The Lord. This manifestation of the Spirit should be first on our list of priorities. Proverbs says that "..the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"(Prov. 9:10), and that "wisdom is the principle thing"( Prov.4:7). Most people today do not have the fear of the Lord. They want to prophesy, they want to shout, work miracles and be blessed, but they don’t want to obey God or live holy. They don’ t truly love the Lord, for if they really loved the Lord, they would "keep His commandments"(John 14:,21). They insult His intelligence and His authority. A real fear of God would let us know that God is the creator and we are the created. Whatever someone creates, makes or causes to come into being is probably well understood by that creator. That creator knows how to handle it. They know how to fix it and they know how to dismantle it. They should be given the greatest respect, but many think God will be mocked and try to take His benefits without taking His advice. When we have the proper reverence for our Creator, when we have this Holy fear of Him, we will be inclined to live our lives for Him, to present our bodies unto Him as a living sacrifice(Rom.12:1,2) and "..keep ourselves pure"(1 Joh.3:3).

With all thy getting get an understanding, says the word in Prov.4:7. We all need to ask the Lord to make sure that this Spirit of Understanding is in operation in and through us. Then we will be able to understand his word, His will and His way. We can have God's insight. His understanding has to do with insight. His wisdom, His knowledge, His counsel, His might (intimately know), all have to do with His insight. If anyone has any kind of insight, they will fear God. We, the Lord’s people, need to ask, knock and seek for this, because it will brings us into the fullness of Christ. It is needed in this last day for us to live properly and to do the will and work of the Lord.

Prophetess Lundy

*God has anointed some to stand in the 'office of apostleship and prophetic ministry' in these days. He has given them the 'Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge, Divine Understanding, Counsel' and 'Might'.(Isa.11:2-3).'Revelation knowledge' is received by them from Him as they worship and interact with Him, having learned how to enter into the 'Holy of Holies'. They are calling forth the gifts, ministries and anointings that are in and upon the lives of God's people for service. (many do not fully realize what they have or what to do about it). God needs ALL of His army up and ready and reaping this GREAT END-TIME HARVEST.

Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit many have been saved, baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost, healed, delivered and ministered unto. The Lord has been bringing out in this last day the importance of the 'ministry to the saints'. The word speaks of 'feeding His sheep' and the ministry gifts being set in the church by God for the perfecting of the saints, the edifying of the body of Christ, the work of the ministry- till we all come into the unity of the faith and knowledge of God unto a perfect man and into the 'fullness' of the statue of Christ(Eph.4:11-16).